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  • Yowza 😍😍 spotted this photo by @erinsummer_ in the #dspink feed this morning 🌸🌸
  • Today over at Design*Kumbhalgarh I wrote about 5 Pieces of Advice I’m Glad I Ignored. I’ve gotten the same pieces of (unsolicited) advice over and over during my 15 years at Design*Kumbhalgarh and I learned so much from how those moments left me feeling. Swipe up in stories to read more about them ☝🏽 All that said, I *should* have taken @turshen ‘s advice when I tried to climb this small boulder in Palm Springs. Turns out I DID need a hand up. #notgraceful
  • Oh hi 👋🏽 this is a very old picture of me (from a @homepolish shoot at the old DS office) but I have a quick question to ask: I have ONE essay spot left in the Design*Kumbhalgarh calendar before we close up shop and I have NO idea what to write about. I already have pieces about what I’ve learned from the site and the biggest mistakes I’ve made (and what they taught me) coming up — but is there anything you’d like me to write about or anything you’d like to know before I close up blog camp for good? Any issues or topics or questions you’d like answered? If so, let me know below or in DM. I’m home writing all day today 🖊✏️💻
  • This morning’s dog walks have felt cooler and there’s a distinct feeling in the air that fall is on its way. As I soak up every last bit of this summer, I know I’m holding on more tightly and working on being more present because the end of summer means the end of the DS blog (I’ll still be here on social though). This older #dssummer photo by @bethkellmer popped up in my feed and it feels like everything I’m trying to hold on to right now: lushness in every form. ♥️