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Top 20 Recipe Posts of All Time: #4 Raw “Pad Thai” Salad

by Grace Bonney

For about a year back in 2007, I committed to a raw food diet as a way of trying to reset my system a bit after a really bad stomach bug. I had a hard time making it through the winter months when fresh produce wasn’t as available, but it left me with a deep appreciation for just how great raw fruit and vegetables are when they’re fresh and at the peak of their season. So it made me happy to see Laura Wright’s Pad Thai-inspired raw veggie salad take the #4 spot on our Top 20 countdown of DS recipes. This is the perfect crunchy lunch when you want to empty out a few pantry ingredients (like fried onions and a can of peanuts) and make use of summer zucchini when they’re growing everywhere. This recipe uses a Spiralizer-style device, but you can absolutely cut thin strips with a mandolin or just a sharp knife, too. Enjoy! xo, Grace

#4: Laura Wright’s Raw “Pad Thai” Salad

  • Who Wrote This: Laura Wright of The First Mess
  • DS debut: July 2015



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  • We love Thai food. This looks like a great option to lighten it up for summer